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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted oceanographic research carried out from the CCGS Amundsen in 2020. Research programs from the initial 2020 field season that were postponed are tentatively re-scheduled in the preliminary 2021 Amundsen Expedition along with a few additional programs. Planning for the 2021 Expedition to the Arctic will continue through the next months in concert with the Canadian Coast Guard and the research programs and teams, following the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic at the national and international levels. Amundsen Science’s objective is to conduct our usual state-of-the-art research activities while taking the appropriate measures to not affect the health and safety of Canada’s northern communities and safeguard all sea-going personnel and support staff ashore.

A tentative 2021 Expedition Plan spanning June to October is currently being developed and will be distributed to our user community and collaborators in early 2021. We also plan to hold a virtual Expedition Planning Workshop in late February to discuss and refine the plan. Many uncertainties remain regarding what will actually be feasible in 2021. Please follow us on our website and other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for upcoming updates on the 2021 Amundsen Expedition.

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