Eleven universities and one Arctic college are official members of the Amundsen Science Corporation, but the broader user base comprises more than 125 national and international institutions and organizations.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the Facility. The Scientific Leader and CEO are appointed by the Board with the mandate of providing strategic direction and oversight of the Amundsen Science program and general management and governance of the organization. The Scientific Leader is a non-voting member of the Board.

The Governance and Nominating Committee is responsible for assisting the Board in developing principles and systems for the management of corporate governance. The Committee identifies candidates and recommends nominees for Director and Committee appointments, and evaluates their performance and effectiveness.

The Budget and Finance Committee oversees the integrity of financial procedures. Its key functions are to review the financial statements and annual budget, evaluate existing financial and internal controls, policies and procedures, and to report its conclusions and provide recommendations to the Board.

The User Advisory Committee formulates recommendations on the prioritization of programs and develops a preliminary expedition plan. Access to the Amundsen for science is allocated using an impartial process that evaluates and ranks the different programs requesting ship time, berths, and subsidies from the Amundsen Science Ship Time fund. All user programs are required to submit a formal Ship Time application.

The Infrastructure Development Committee provides advice and recommendations regarding the development and upgrading of the Amundsen’s pool of equipment, thus ensuring that the Facility remains a state-of-the-art research platform.

The Administrative Center performs the day‐to‐day management and administration of the scientific program of the Amundsen. Specialized personnel work within three units: finance and accounting; operations and services; and data management and communications. The Executive Director and COO supervises these interdependent units to ensure the overall operation of the Facility according to directions set by the Board. The Executive Director supervises the administrative and technical personnel, oversees the day‐to‐day management of the Facility, liaises with the community of users, and coordinates the annual Amundsen expedition with the Canadian Coast Guard.


Board Chair Position

Amundsen Science is seeking a Chair for its Board of Directors with relevant experience. Candidates should have a desire to hold the Board and Executive Team to account for the organization’s mission and vision, providing inclusive leadership and ensuring that each Board member fulfils their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the Facility. The Chair ensures that the Board functions as a unit and works closely with the Scientific Leader and Executive Director to achieve agreed strategic objectives. The Chair will also be asked to develop his/her role as an ambassador for the organization as part of required evaluation and networking activities with the CFI and other organizations.

Amundsen Science particularly welcome applicants with a strong background in academia, oceanographic research management, and a track record in developing and implementing strategies for Canadian ocean sciences. Previous experience with not-for-profit governance structures and a genuine interest in research vessel management would be an asset. The Board Chair position is to be filled for a 2-year term (renewable). In accord with the CFI’s rules, this is a volunteer position with paid travel expenses. Actions of the Chair are protected by liability insurance. Responsibilities of the Chair include:

  • Facilitating the two annual Board meetings of Amundsen Science (by videoconference or in person) and additional conference calls of the Board as required.
  • Participating in the Major Scientific Initiatives (ISM) Workshop organized by the CFI and held once every two years in Ottawa (next workshop is scheduled for spring 2021).
  • Reviewing and signing the CFI annual performance report and financial reports.
  • Participating in the evaluation meeting of the International Expert Committee as part of the renewal application for the next MSI grant cycle in summer or fall 2022.

To nominate, or self-nominate a candidate, please submit a short CV and a short cover letter that explains how Amundsen Science would benefit from the candidate’s experience and qualifications. Applications will be reviewed directly by the Board of Directors. Please send the application to: info@as.ulaval.ca

For an informal and confidential discussion about the position, please contact Alexandre Forest, Executive Director of Amundsen Science (alexandre.forest@as.ulaval.ca).

DEADLINE: Friday 30 October 2020, 17:00 EST.